About Emkom


Our Aim:

It is our aim to replace toxic products or products which are currently insufficiently tested for their toxicity with products which are of no harm to humans and the environment. In this context we place our main focus on products used for indoor application. The reason for this is because:

The Problem:

To EMKOM Solutions it is obvious that in our society a large amount of time is spend indoors and that all societies, depending on the level of development, increasingly tend to seal off their homes, offices and public buildings. In cooler areas of the globe it is to save energy while heating the house and cooling it in the middle of the summer heat further towards the warmer climates. In other cases the house is also insulated to protect the inhabitants from noise or dust. But for whatever reason a very well insulated building also means that toxic substances carried into our home with building, coating and cleaning products stay inside and that regardless on how low the quantities on harmful substances might be. The consequence is a drastically reduced quality of our living environment causing health problems from allergies to genetically mutations.

The Solution:

The only solution to this problem is to avoid the presence of unwanted substances by introducing products free harmful ingredients.

The Way:

Most ingredients used in our products are of natural origin, used for centuries and therefore well known properties with all their properties and effects on the environment.


For all our products we provide a full declaration on our website accessible to everyone. We are able to customize products to the customers need (if technically applicable) for example allergy prone clients.